I like nice clean interfaces. Firefox’s search box has always bothered me. It’s always there, cluttering up your view with your last entered search terms. It’s too small and fights with the url box for space. I always have it disabled.

So as practice for another XUL project I’ve been working on, here is my solution:

ToggleSearch for Firefox

It goes away when it’s not needed. It shares space with the url bar. Just hit the search button to enter/leave search mode. Have a look at the screenshots.

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  1. Draxiis Says:

    I like clean UI’s as well so I really love the idea behind TS. However, it conflicts with (or at least doesn’t integrate the functionality of) Search Engine Ordering (SEO), which is a must-have extension in my book. If there’s any way possible to get SEO to work with TS, I predict that TS will land on the Top 10 list in short order!

  2. r0wb0t Says:

    Fixed! I think…

  3. Philippe Says:

    I would really love to use your extension, cause it looks really cool, and I find it quite useful, but I’m afraid it conflicts with the SearchWP extension (highlight search terms, Actually, SearchWP does not work anymore. Too bad really. Keep on the good work, anyway.

  4. tgrant Says:

    I love toggle search, just one thing. The search icon only shows up in the default theme, I think, at least, it’s a blank in Littlefox, which I run because it, too, saves screen real estate, like Toggle Search. Thanks for making a great extension!

  5. Draxiis Says:

    Unfortunately, TS v0.2 is still not playing nice with SEO. When toggling into search mode, none of SEO’s capabilities are available. I still think this one is a winner and if it wasn’t for the issue with SEO it would be a "must have" for me. I did appreciate that v0.2 now saves users the step of having to manually remove the search box and add the toggle switch, a very nice touch. I do hope that you are inclined to, and do, find an answer to the compatability issues (SEO, SearchWP et al.) soon. Thanks for your efforts.

  6. r0wb0t Says:

    Hrmm, yeah you’re right. I could have sworn they were working nice together yesterday. Thanks for the feedback. Keep an eye out for an update…

  7. Nathan Says:

    I have upgraded to FF 2.0 b1 and now when i hit the toggle search button it shows a blank spot instead of the search box. I used Nightly tester tools to force compatibility but this seems to be one of the few extensions which doesn’t work with 2.0 b1. please update and fix this bug

    Screen shot:

  8. r0wb0t Says:

    Ok, thanks Nathan. Will do as soon as I get a chance.

  9. Deepak Says:

    IN FF2.0 ; there are some issues :-
    1)no toggle button — a much needed way
    2) Earlier in FF1.5 we used to toggle the bar with ‘ctrl+e’ shortcut but now (FF2.0) there is no way to toggle. We can just open the search bar by ‘ctrl+e’
    but how to again minimize it?
    Until an unless after opening the search bar ,we make a search …there is no way to just toggle the search bar….

    I hope i made the last point clear…It looks very elegant if we can toggle the search bar by same shortcut….immaterial of , whether we make search or not.

  10. firefoXtensions, el blog de las extensiones para Firefox :: Toggle Search hace que la barra de búsqueda cambie de tamaño :: November :: 2006 Says:

    […] Con Toggle Search dispondrás de un poco más de espacio útil en tu barra de direcciones, ya que la extensión reduce al mínimo posible la barra de búsquedas. Cuando necesitas hacer una búsqueda, simplemente haces click en la barra y ésta se expandirá para que escribas cómodamente. […]

  11. marc Says:

    Excellent extension. With so many desirable toolbar icons, this extension cleans up the GUI.

    FYI, Ctrl+k puts focus in the search bar too. Tab moves the focus out of the search bar. (short term fix for Deepak).

    FEATURE REQUEST: the size of the search box requires finesse to select. How about making the selectable space wider for mouse users? Something like the same width as it is high.

    FEATURE REQUEST: Can you also change the minwidth of the address bar? This will allow the search bar to expand more if they are on the same toolbar.

    All’s well on FF2 for me!

  12. Malte Says:


    I love the idea, but I’m using FF 3.0b5 already… I wouldn’t like to switch back to FF 2, so, any chance you could have this extension working with the new Firefox? I’d be delighted! 🙂



  13. mudoo Says:

    I think the option to add a set width will be better

  14. cityham Says:

    hope the new version for FF3.0. tks

  15. phm Says:

    Just wondering if this is still supported, and whether it can be made compatible with current FF.


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