The 2(.0)nd Coming of the Homepage

To my one blog subscriber,

If you’re wondering why I’m posting twice in the same month (how shocking!), it’s because things are changing around here. You are reading this via the RSS feed so you won’t be aware that I have redesigned the blog’s homepage. My intent was to make this medium more conducive to writing quick posts on more diverse subjects yet still keep it hanging together as a coherent whole. Because let’s face it: something has got to change around here if I’m going to write more and better.

My first goal was to deemphasize the “latest post”, so everything got shrunk a bit until it was only readable by expanding with a click. (It has a nice flowy animation too. You know me, dear reader, I’m all about the javascrizzle.) Still, you can get a taster with a quick glance, and not just for one post but for the whole site, stretching back months at the moment. Please let me know if you disagree, dear reader. I value your opinion greatly.

There’s also a very simple greedy algorithm for sorting posts into streams by category/tag, so that the casual reader (not you, no no) can follow my stream of thought on a subject that interests them. And possibly ignore others. Most blogs don’t do much with the categories except list them in the sidebar. I think it’s time we made use of them. I guess it’s related to this unsubscribing thing that James Corbett is always going on about. Many people don’t want to commit the same way you have. They just want to dip in now and then to see if anything interesting has been going on. Call it grazing if you will. I noticed myself doing this recently for some blogs.

So, I understand that RSS is making the “homepage” increasingly irrelevent. Being an RSS subscriber yourself, you care little for homepages. In fact this change might even effect you negatively if I start spewing out any old rubbish that only looks good on the homepage because you can’t quite read it. NO, don’t unsubscribe!! I need you loyal reader. Without you I’m just sitting here sadly typing to myself. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m also thinking about the RSS angle. And, hopefully, RSS aggregators will pick up on the idea and start doing something useful with tags too.

Until then, let the others fly by, grazing me as they pass. You and I have a special, enduring relationship, dearest subscriber.

Yours always,

Eureka Man

PS: If you want to use the theme for your own wordpress blog (I loved that last post by the way, you put things so much more eloquently than I ever could), just leave a comment and I’ll work out how to package it up nicely.

4 Responses to “The 2(.0)nd Coming of the Homepage”

  1. Your single subscriber Says:

    I really like your design, though I’m not sure if it’s coming through OK on mac (words not fitting in the boxes blabla, but I’ll send you a screenshot). Your design has given me some inspiration for my homepage, and if I feel like pushing my yet non-existent template-building skills I might even build my own wordpress template in the same style..but first I need to finish my presentation.

    > I loved that last post by the way, you put things so much more eloquently than I ever could)

    Meaning: a picture says more than a thousand words? 😉

  2. Mal McKay Says:

    Bloglines says you have three subscribers, you, Mr Single Subscriber and me?

  3. r0wb0t Says:

    Hi Mal,

    Well, feedburner actually says I have 40-something but I reckon most of those are crawlers 🙂 Shit, I just revealed my feedburner numbers, is that taboo? I love each an every one of you like you were my only reader (even the crawlers).

    Seriously, what do you think of the homepage? I know it could use some serious designer love but usability-wise?

  4. Gareth Stack Says:

    Chalk up anudder human subscriber. Interesting site redesign by the way, probably too innovative for the main stream, but considering your topics and probably audience it’s really effective.

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