Release Early…

About two months ago, I was visiting a friend in New York and I remember getting very excited about a cool way I had of attaching javascript events to DOM elements with the help of a little library I’d written. Not being a web developer, she found it hard to share my enthusiasm and may not even remember the occasion now. This was the most public exposure I gave my technique, though I dreamed of someday getting cited on ALA.

Well just the other day Ben Nolan, from New Zealand, released pretty much the same thing and it triggered so much interest that it got to level 3 of Hot Links. I was struck by his last two blog posts:

Using css selectors for JS behaviours – Thursday 5PM

Had a flash of insight today and invented a really cool way to do unobtrusive
javascript. I’m going to write up some docs and throw it online for some action later this arvo.

Rewrote some of our apps using the new module (behaviour.js) and it’s very very
cool. Combine this with prototype / mir.acu.lous and you’ve got some super hot
hotness (in a retrogradable fashion).

Made a page about behaviours – Friday 5PM

It’s on already which is cool. 🙂

I like that: have an idea on Thursday, release an implementation to whoever’s interested on Friday. By Sunday he was back to building rockets.

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