Link Mail

While we wait for to add link emailing, here’s a little hack to make life easier in the mean time.

In javascript, just as in a HTML link, you can target a mailto: url. So you can make a bookmarklet that extracts info from the page you are browsing and pops up a new email message with the info filled in. Bowen Dwelle has already done the dirty work. His nice Mailto Bookmarklet takes the URL, title and any selected text from the current page and slots them into a new mail message in your default mail client (I have Gmail set as mine through their notifier). I’ve made it a bit more user-friendly for my own purpose:

  • I removed the extraneous email entry popup. I’d much rather do that in my mail client.
  • I added a [Link Mail] prefix to the subject line so that recipients can easily filter these mails as they wish.

Here’s my version: Mail to…. Save it as a bookmark/favourite on your toolbar if you want a fast way to send links to people.

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