Leaving Cert. Students… meet Paul Graham

Here‘s this week’s inspiring read from the man himself, just in time for anybody who’ll be filling in their CAO this weekend. Read it yourself, but in short: Realise that work and fun are not exclusive. Aim to do what you love and you’ll be great at it, easily. If you don’t know what you love yet then take as many opportunities as possible to try different things.

That’s the way I’ve been playing it for most of my college and work life. And I have very few regrets. (Though you might get a slightly different viewpoint from certain girlfriends/parents 🙂 )

Now, if only I could combine my work with that more tormenting duty: exercise. Has anybody ever taken the building metaphor of software development literally and come up with a physical programming language? A hot, chiselled bod by coding – now that would be the ultimate panacea!

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