iTunes 7 integrates CoverFlow Flicker

I’m lovin’ the new iTunes album flicking interface. I’ve been using CoverFlow for a while but it’s nice to have it integrated into the iTunes library. Apple actually bought CoverFlow for this, I’m assuming for patents and/or people.
iTunes 7

On the downside, the iTunes version doesn’t seem as good at getting album art automatically, and incidently, ignored my almost complete CoverFlow artwork database when trying to find the right images. The wonderful interface for adding album art manually has been lost in the transfer too. In CoverFlow there was a handy context menu item for doing a search on Google Images or Amazon for the artist/album name. And you could copy and paste any image you found directly onto the album. With iTunes there’s a whole rigmarole of selecting all the songs on the album, opening a dialog, and then pasting.

Oh, and yes that does say Chistina Millian, and no I don’t know how that got there.

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