During my info-mania driven tours across the web I often come across links that would be of interest to my friends and I need a quick and simple UI to fire them off to the right destinations. A while ago, I made a start on a web app (avec bookmarklet) to distribute my links to email addresses or private rss feeds depending on my friend’s preferences. Half-way through, I was preempted by the new for:user tags on Since I already use for bookmarking, doing link recommendation there too makes a lot of sense.

So now I can queue links to a private RSS feed for each of my freinds. But, uhoh, those private feeds are only good for users, a demographic without a healthy representation among my friends and family. So, Joshua & co., here’s an idea for you that would really make my life easier:

  • As well as allowing users to tag links with for:username, let them tag links as
  • If there is already a user with that email address, use their normal for:username queue.
  • Otherwise just send it to the email address, perhaps with a discrete message about signing up and receiving links by RSS instead.

Obviously you’ll have to make sure you don’t turn into a spam gateway. But that shouldn’t be too hard. What do you think?


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