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The US Tax Filing System

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

I’m not going to go into details but user-friendly it most certainly is not! We all know this could be done so much better. Where are the web 2.0 startups doing 3-click tax returns? I recommend Wikipedia to explain it in plain English.


Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Tonight was PARC’s Christmas holiday party in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. This evening they fired up the PDP-1 for us and I kicked ass in Space War. Steve Russell, the original programmer, was there apparently but I didn’t get to play him.


Monday, October 30th, 2006

You walk into one of the hardware labs at PARC. You’re surrounded by scary machines with lasers and pointy bits. There are drawers and drawers of microprocessors, transistors, whatever you desire. Scalpels and screwdrivers in multiple shapes and sizes. There are three guys standing around something in the middle of the lab, pointing and discussing. […]

Firefox is edumucating me

Friday, October 27th, 2006

I think spellcheck in every textarea is going to do wonders for my spelling. I’ve almost got over the urge to spell definitely definately already.

Leaving Cert. Students… meet Paul Graham

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Here‘s this week’s inspiring read from the man himself, just in time for anybody who’ll be filling in their CAO this weekend. Read it yourself, but in short: Realise that work and fun are not exclusive. Aim to do what you love and you’ll be great at it, easily. If you don’t know what you […]